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My roller skates arrived today😊. They are so pretty. Sky(my sister) and I went out on our roller skates down in the park and it was so much more fun than I remember.x  They took awhile to get used to and i still stumble on them but I love them so much. Anyway - I'm off to have some good old cottage pie. Happy new year - almost!
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For Christmas, my sister got some roller skates from my aunt. I loved them so much I decided that I would buy myself a pair. Unfortunately, it turns out that roller skates are a VERY popular present. I found the perfect pair only, they didn't have my size!!! So I had to sit tight and wait until they came back in stock. I waited for two days. I mean that's not long but I was soooooo excited. I have had a pair before so I know ruffly how to skate on them. Anyway, I was sitting at my desk fiddling around with the features of this blog when I got an email. The roller skates were back in stock!😁 I was so happy as I ran down the stairs. I couldn't stop fidgeting as my mum ordered them. We are going to pick them up tomorrow and I can't wait to use them. So there's the story - my first ever on this blog!! What are your experiences with roller skates and do you have any top tips???
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Welcome. This is me

Okay, so  hi?? My first blog post. My plan was to release my blog on the 1st of January, The start of a new year - a kind of new years resolution. But I got carried away and accidentally released my blog yesterday and I figured, why not just start now?
So lets get a view things cleared up. I am 13 years of age - just starting out in that mesmerising yet terrifying world of the teenagers. My sister already thinks I'm grumpy and unsociable, but i try not to fall into the typical category of what a teenager is like.
Another thing- I am not Sophie Stephens. That's my pseudonym. I don't know how to say this without coming across as a liar, but quite simply I am an anonymous blogger. I am also a creative writer and I am going to incorporate into my blog. Thus all the names of people in my posts will be changed, and my experiences will be twisted to make them different - I don't want anyone guessing who i am after all! But i will try and keep things as realistic as possible so …