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4 Ways to cheer yourself up

Sometimes life just gets you down. All of us go through times where we just feel terrible. I can relate! Here are a few things I try and do every time I feel like things just aren't going my way. Of course, not all of these will help everyone but I would recommend giving each of them a go. If you keep feeling down, however, speak to someone you trust. Maybe an adult that can help solve the problem once and for all.

1. Distract yourself 
This method is definitely not permanent and can only help for so long. This could include drawing, watching a movie, colouring, reading or talking to a friend. Do things that make you feel better or help you to concentrate on something else. This isn't the best idea though because eventually, you're going to have to face the reason you were so down.

2. Talk to your friends and the people around you
As I said before, your friends can be a great distraction. Ask them to make you laugh or talk about something else. I often rant to my friends. …

Hush! It's a secret!! Part Two

This is part two of a fiction story about keeping secrets. If you haven't read the first part, read it here before you move on to this post!!

I found Ella in the girls bathroom, covering her face with her hands and sobbing. Tears of shame and self-disappointment fell down my cheeks. I had betrayed her. Ella didn't look up as I sat down next to her on the floor.
"Ella I'm so sorry...."
"Go away. You left me behind a long time ago. There's no going back to what we used to have now."
"We can fix things..."
"No, we can't. Goodbye Ellie." Then the loud speaker system interrupted and I was called to the headmasters office.
"We are not interested in the content of your diary...although we realise it may have been shared without your consent." The headmasters' face was sour and I knew I was in for it. Mally had been in here first, I saw her exit as I walked in, and I knew she would've whispered something in M…

Journaling 101

Why keep a diary? Many people do. Many people don't. Personally, I try. I try because when I do remember to fill in those lined pages it helps me. A lot. In my opinion, diaries are good for...
- Mental clarity - having a clear mind is always important.
- Connecting to your emotions and helping you to understand why you feel what you feel.
- Recording each little memory and events that affect us even in the smallest of ways.
- looking at the bigger picture. Take a step back and evaluate what's really going on.
But whatever the reason you choose to journal its right. You should feel comfortable in recording your experiences for whatever purpose.
There are lots of different ways to approach this though. You don't have to be traditional and invest in a thick leather notebook and expect yourself to write for pages each night. This method only helps some but it can work. I would suggest that if you are a natural writer, just sit down regularly and write whatever comes to your h…

Moving House

A few months ago, I moved house. And school. And country (sort of). I first found out I was going to do move around the time I started this blog and i was planning to write a big post or series of posts all about it.
But, when the time came, I didn't know how to communicate what I was feeling into words. This failure soon put me off blogging at all and I went through the whole experience without speaking a word. But now I'm ready. I'm ready to describe what I went through and how it changed me as a person.
In July, I moved from England to Wales. Exactly 227 miles. This meant I had to change schools, friendship groups, houses and basically everything I knew. It was scary. In 2013, I moved to two different places in England, 168 miles. This was a big change too but I don't remember much of it. This time, I left so much behind. I had to say long goodbyes and explain continually, why, why, why?
I have now realised that it was a good thing it hurt so much to say goodbye. It…

Secrets - why keep them?

We keep secrets all the time. Sometimes for the right reasons. Other times, our judgement of the situation can be completely wrong. But when do you know? Is there really a foolproof method of knowing when you should keep a secret? A good place to start is my last post -  a guest upload by Catty Heart. This will show you whether you are good at managing the mine-field that is secrets, but I want to give you a method that will help you to score 100%. A way to make sure you never mess up. However, use some common sense. This quiz should work the majority of the time but some situations are so individual, you need to think for yourself and figure out the best way forward.

Before you read on, I have a few golden rules for you to always follow...

Never push someone to share a secret. Secrets are about mutual trust and that must come naturally.Never share another's secret unless you have direct permission. The only exception to this is when your friend is in need of help (see number 4 ).N…


This is a guest post from one of my freinds and fellow blogger, Catty Heart from Lip Gloss and Girl Goss. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to check out her blog afterwards.x I love secrets. I love telling secrets, I love keeping secrets, but I also love hearing them. Secrets make us who we are, and add an edge to use. Making us each an interesting human being. But when someone tells you a secret, how do you know if you should keep it or not? Now if your friend told you who their crush was would you tell anyone? I hope not. But what if your friend said she was being cyberbullied? Would you tell someone? Yes, you should. But who?  Secret keeping is hard, especially when the secret harms or hurts anyone. Never spread a false secret or a true one. But you could take it to an individual grown up or could handle the situation maturely.  I've put together a little quiz to see how good you are at secrets:
1) Your friend told you her mum had cancer, what would you do? A: Tell the whole class

Hush! It's a secret!! Part One

This piece is entirely FICTION. I made it up completely and isn't linked to any real-life events. Although, I hope you can find something in it that teaches you something. This is only part one, part two is coming shortly! (I'll tweet when!)
Dear Diary,
OMG, I am going to die.
If I don't spontaneously combust of embarrassment anytime soon then someone is going to smother me with a pencil case.
I NEED to get out of here and fast. FIRST, I completely betrayed my best friend. SECOND, I made fake friends with the biggest snob in school and THIRD, the whole school is dying with laughter over my 'juicy' diary pages that are now spread over the entire internet. Also, there's the tiny fact that I slapped the most popular girl in school...
But let's start from the beginning.
I regularly keep a diary. I take it everywhere with me and write every little gossipy detail of school life down in it's ruled pages. I seem to always know too much. I'm always in the r…

The Definition of Life

Life - The existence of an individual human or animal Think to yourself. What is life for you? Is it simply breathing air and pumping blood or is it about your soul. About dancing in the rain and singing in the sunshine. Reflect on what you believe. Have you ever stopped to think about this before? For me, I want life to be an adventure. I want to .

The Web of Life Living isn’t just about you though. It is about everyone around you and their ways of crossing your path. Life is like a web made up of everyone’s experiences. It is a network that you would be nothing without. Imagine living and not meeting anyone. Not knowing what another person’s voice, touch and smell is like. It is impossible. Life is about the people that affect you even in the smallest of ways. Even if you’re the most devout introvert, there will always be someone who has touched your heart. And that’s why it hurts so much when a part of that web is broken, taken away. When someone dies.

Death I want to be able to look ba…

I Am, I Am, I Am Seventeen Brushes With Death Book Review

The book I'm reading fits perfectly into the theme of this week - Life. Released on the 22nd of August, this book is inspirational. I have only read a few chapters but I'm already in love. I Am I Am I Am, Seventeen Brushes With Death by Maggie O'Farrell is by far one of the best memoirs I have read. The praise for this book only reiterates this;

- 'Magnificent...perceptive, profound and page-turning in equal measures' Cathy Rentzenbrink
- 'Grips at the heart' The Sunday Times
- 'Technically dazzling and deeply moving' Observer
This book is about Maggie's brushes with death, hence the title and it is the perfect way to discover what life should really mean. In each chapter, you are taken away to another world, to Maggie's life and you watch as the very meaning of existence is transformed. One thing I really like is the fact that the chapters aren't in chronological order. This may seem annoying but actually, it keeps you on your toes. It…

Live Laugh Love

This week, the theme is living and I thought I'd start things off with a story I wrote a few days back. This story is about the value of life more than anything. Before and after you read this, think about what life means to you, and the lives of those around you. What would you do to keep them living and laughing and loving?

I should’ve known that something was wrong. I should’ve seen it her eyes. The way they looked down and never saw the light. I should’ve felt it when she walked into the room. Known somehow, something wasn’t right. "You couldn’t have known,” they said, “no-one would have in your situation.” But I did. I just didn’t realise, and now the whole world is crashing and burning because Eden, my Eden, isn’t there to hold it up anymore.
The Day it Happened The sun was just starting to rise on a dark winters morning and the birds were calling it to shine. The frost twinkled in the growing light and the snow crunched beneath my feet. Under my thick winter coat was my f…

I'm back. Maybe for good.

OMG. I'm actually blogging! I have returned. And I hope it's for good but I really don't know. I expect that I'm going to flick in and out of the routine of updating this blog in the future just the same as I previously have. I think this is because I'm still finding my way. Sometimes I long for my blog. I have so many things to write down. Other times I have nothing to say. Even though I love writing for all my readers, my blog is primarily for me. It is my way of finding myself and it's there when I need it. I hope you can understand. And if you, reader, ever feel lost or in need of a blank page to express yourself to those around you, I would definitely recommend starting a blog. I got so excited about beginning this again but I have realised I'm not starting over. I am simply returning to my blog and building on what is already here. What I have already achieved. Last time I did one of these 'blog resurrections' I redesigned everything. This tim…

Book Reviews

This is the second half of the collab with Arabella - our monthly book reviews. Here is mine...
The Divergent Series By Veronica Roth
Recently, I have started to read the divergent series again. It was a long time since I read the books so I don't remember the exact story line and I have heard the films (which I have watched recently) are very different to the books. The divergent series is a fictional tale - spread over three books with a fourth spin off.  It is set in a futuristic world that is subject to all the usual sufferings and troubles. But what sets this world apart is the strong and amazing characters that fight strong and hard for what is right.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys creating a whole world in their head with the help of words. The book provides an escape with different problems and worries that can capture and excite you. If you have read and enjoyed either the hunger games or the maze runner then you will feel right at home with this book an…

Book reviews

Hi guys. Arabella and I have teamed up again to do a book review, (our first post together was a Q&A). Today is Arabella's turn and tomorrow you'll get to here mine. Enjoy!

Hiya all, Arabella here from Acting Natural. I’ve got a cool, non-fiction book for you all today that I’m going to do a mini review on. It’s a book that’s really excited me and I hope that it’ll do the same for you guys as well!
LIVE TO GIVE By Austin Gutwein.

LIVE TO GIVE is Austin’s second book, take your best shot being his first. However, you don’t need to have read the first one to understand this one. It’s a book all about discovering and unpacking the unique gifts and skills that God’s given each and every one of us. Wrote by a teenager for teenagers, Austin explores how even a small gift, that might seem useless in our own eyes, can have such an amazing impact on your own life and especially in the lives of your neighbours, if you just give your gif…


I think God is important. Not everyone does. This post is about my connection with God. It's not to meant be a self centered post - many feel very similar to me. This post is about informing everyone, even those who don't believe in God, about why I (and many others) follow God's teachings.  So I hope this posts helps everyone to understand a bit more about religion as a whole.

In this post I talk more about the Christian faith - specifically protestant. This is because that is the religion I follow. However, this post can relate to any religion. Don't let yourself fell excluded and son't feel like I am pressuring you to follow a religion. This is to inform people.

Why you should follow God - or any religion.
For me, God is a comfort. Knowing that I can turn to him means that I never feel alone. The bible also helps me because when I'm not sure which way to turn or how to act in a ertain situations, I can consult it. This helps me to feel confident in my actions…

Q and A with Arabella

Hi there all!
Arabella here from Acting Natural. Today Sophie has very kindly let me take over her blog for a bit to answer some questions about myself and an area that I hold very closely to me, what’s being body positive.
As Sophie mentioned in her other post, we’ve teamed up to do some book review and thought it’d be good to do a quick Q&A first. At the end, I’m going to put a link and a bit of information at the end about my blog. So, I’m going to stop rambling and jump right into the questions for you.

1. Why do we need to talk about being body positive?
Right now, technology is moving forward so quickly, i's the norm for us to have a phone, tablet or laptop and people from younger ages are having assess to this equipment. This is cool and great but it also means that access to the internet and social media is far easier than ever before. There's an increasing amount of pressure being put on to girls and guys or anyone else to be a certain way, especially in their bodie…

Questions and Answers from Acting Natural

Good day/evening/middle of the night!! Today I have some questions from Acting Natural and these are my answers...

1) How would you describe yourself as a person? I would say I am bubbly and energetic a lot of the time but often I am reserved and someone who listens. Sometimes I have moments when I stand back and look hard at who I am and who I want to be. This usually makes me feel a bit sad because I feel like I’m a different person to what people think I am. But I hopes this changes – I’ve got awhile and I will try to evolve my personality over time so it reflects me more.
2) Do you have any role models?             I think a really big role model for me is Emma Watson because of her activist work but the people around me in everyday life – such as my friends, family and teachers – play a big part too.
3)Have you ever moved to a new house or changed school? If so, do you think this has changed you as a person and how?             I have moved 3 times but I only remember the most recent o…