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This is the second 'episode' in Lottie and mine's organisation series. We hope you are enjoying it and if you haven't read the first one yet, click here! This week we are talking about Money and budgets. we have a few tips to give you to make sure your not bankrupt all the time! Enjoy...

Tip no.1
Use a notebook to record everything you buy and all of your pocket money that you get. Also, make sure you have a running total so you know how much you have. Pinning receipts into this notebook is also helpful to keep track of were you spend your money most. Here I drew up an example of how you might lay it out but you can experiment using whatever you wish. I did make it up so apologies if the amounts are wrong!!

Tip no.2
Have a purse with loose change in it. That way if your ever stuck in an emergency you have something with you at least. I always keep a maximum of £5 in there so not much. Often loose coins as well. I don't know how useful it would be to you guys but tr…