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Work out

Recently, I have becoming more self-conscious of the fact that I barely ever work out! I cycle to school and back every day though so it's not too bad but I'd like to do a bit more. So today I found some different work outs and believe me - everything hurts!! I did quite a tough one today, trying different things out but I've now drawn up a schedule which means it won't be too difficult to juggle homework, exercise and having fun.
Anyway... Till next time
Sophie xxx
(I'm trying to post almost everyday now which is why this post is so short!)

Car Journey

Hi.x I've just been on a 4 and a half hour car journey to Wales and it was exhausting. Some how I always get more tired riding in a car the whole day thatn if I were doing something productive that you would think needed lots of energy. Living in the south of England with family in Wales means that I am used to this kind of thing but still.
Whenever I'm in the car I have a few things I always want to get done and I'm convinced I'm going to do. I've made a list...  - Finish my music theory  - Write a blog post  - Do some homework  - Do some computer programming  - Read a book Pretty simple write? Not much and plenty of time. Wrong! This is what I actually do in the car...  - Make a nest out of pillows and blankets  - Watch pointless movies  - Read a book for 5 minutes then feel sick  - Waste all my phone data watching you tube  - Attempt to sleep So you see? I do try to be productive but it's always really hard.  About thatlast point too. I never seem to be able…

Please, don't judge me

Don't judge me because I'm
Or pink

Don't judge me because I'm
Or in-between

Don't judge me because I'm
a girl
a boy
or someone else

Don't judge me even when you've
met me
loved me
and known me

Don't judge me even when I've
hurt you
judged you
or pushed you away

Do not be quick to make assumptions
Only assume
I have a past
a beginning

please... do not judge me.x

Wow so,  my first poem. I used to hate poems but then I realised that they could be used to express things that long paragraphs couldn't. I never really plan any of my blog posts. There all written on a whim. This one is no exception. That doesn't mean there is no effort in them though. No matter what I'm posting, I work hard on it. So just bear that in mind.

My first story time...

Ok so recently I have been absolutely obsessed with The Gabbie Show! I have watched so many of her videos and my favourite are most definitely her story times. I thought it would be a good idea to try this as my original idea for having my blog was to vent some of my angers. But I'm always so afraid of who is going to read it or who is gonna be offended. So I'll change the names obviously and I will try and leave a rather large space between the incident happening and me writing about it.x So here is a story about P.E. Sorry if it seems a bit silly and that I'm complaining about the stupid little things but remember I'm only a teenager- and a young one at that so give me the benefit of the doubt!
At the time (absolutely ages ago now! lol) we were doing gym in P.E. Annoyingly we were mixed with the boys. Boys are a pain. I mean girls are too. But in different ways. At the end of the lesson, we were all packing away the mats. You have to work in pairs to lug the mats ove…