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Book Reviews

This is the second half of the collab with Arabella - our monthly book reviews. Here is mine...
The Divergent Series By Veronica Roth
Recently, I have started to read the divergent series again. It was a long time since I read the books so I don't remember the exact story line and I have heard the films (which I have watched recently) are very different to the books. The divergent series is a fictional tale - spread over three books with a fourth spin off.  It is set in a futuristic world that is subject to all the usual sufferings and troubles. But what sets this world apart is the strong and amazing characters that fight strong and hard for what is right.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys creating a whole world in their head with the help of words. The book provides an escape with different problems and worries that can capture and excite you. If you have read and enjoyed either the hunger games or the maze runner then you will feel right at home with this book an…

Book reviews

Hi guys. Arabella and I have teamed up again to do a book review, (our first post together was a Q&A). Today is Arabella's turn and tomorrow you'll get to here mine. Enjoy!

Hiya all, Arabella here from Acting Natural. I’ve got a cool, non-fiction book for you all today that I’m going to do a mini review on. It’s a book that’s really excited me and I hope that it’ll do the same for you guys as well!
LIVE TO GIVE By Austin Gutwein.

LIVE TO GIVE is Austin’s second book, take your best shot being his first. However, you don’t need to have read the first one to understand this one. It’s a book all about discovering and unpacking the unique gifts and skills that God’s given each and every one of us. Wrote by a teenager for teenagers, Austin explores how even a small gift, that might seem useless in our own eyes, can have such an amazing impact on your own life and especially in the lives of your neighbours, if you just give your gif…


I think God is important. Not everyone does. This post is about my connection with God. It's not to meant be a self centered post - many feel very similar to me. This post is about informing everyone, even those who don't believe in God, about why I (and many others) follow God's teachings.  So I hope this posts helps everyone to understand a bit more about religion as a whole.

In this post I talk more about the Christian faith - specifically protestant. This is because that is the religion I follow. However, this post can relate to any religion. Don't let yourself fell excluded and son't feel like I am pressuring you to follow a religion. This is to inform people.

Why you should follow God - or any religion.
For me, God is a comfort. Knowing that I can turn to him means that I never feel alone. The bible also helps me because when I'm not sure which way to turn or how to act in a ertain situations, I can consult it. This helps me to feel confident in my actions…

Q and A with Arabella

Hi there all!
Arabella here from Acting Natural. Today Sophie has very kindly let me take over her blog for a bit to answer some questions about myself and an area that I hold very closely to me, what’s being body positive.
As Sophie mentioned in her other post, we’ve teamed up to do some book review and thought it’d be good to do a quick Q&A first. At the end, I’m going to put a link and a bit of information at the end about my blog. So, I’m going to stop rambling and jump right into the questions for you.

1. Why do we need to talk about being body positive?
Right now, technology is moving forward so quickly, i's the norm for us to have a phone, tablet or laptop and people from younger ages are having assess to this equipment. This is cool and great but it also means that access to the internet and social media is far easier than ever before. There's an increasing amount of pressure being put on to girls and guys or anyone else to be a certain way, especially in their bodie…

Questions and Answers from Acting Natural

Good day/evening/middle of the night!! Today I have some questions from Acting Natural and these are my answers...

1) How would you describe yourself as a person? I would say I am bubbly and energetic a lot of the time but often I am reserved and someone who listens. Sometimes I have moments when I stand back and look hard at who I am and who I want to be. This usually makes me feel a bit sad because I feel like I’m a different person to what people think I am. But I hopes this changes – I’ve got awhile and I will try to evolve my personality over time so it reflects me more.
2) Do you have any role models?             I think a really big role model for me is Emma Watson because of her activist work but the people around me in everyday life – such as my friends, family and teachers – play a big part too.
3)Have you ever moved to a new house or changed school? If so, do you think this has changed you as a person and how?             I have moved 3 times but I only remember the most recent o…


Originally, I started this post with a rant about the weather. Then I realised that there are definitely some better things to talk and complain about. I feel like a lot of privileged people (not all) complain so much about so little and they just need to open their eyes and realise what's going on around them. And I'm not having a go at those people. When it comes down to it, I can often be that way. It's so easy to fall into little habits and forget about the big picture.

Well I hope that gave you something to think about. Now on with the post. 
Today I had my hair cut. My hair used to be just below my shoulder and now it is a hairline bob. For me, this wasn't much of a change as about year ago I did the same thing. I had my first fringe cut in since I was two but again, it's not that big of a deal. However, having my hair cut made me think about the way hair is represented and how it represents the individual. Especially in being 'feminine' or 'masc…