what does hair really stand for?
Originally, I started this post with a rant about the weather. Then I realised that there are definitely some better things to talk and complain about. I feel like a lot of privileged people (not all) complain so much about so little and they just need to open their eyes and realise what's going on around them. And I'm not having a go at those people. When it comes down to it, I can often be that way. It's so easy to fall into little habits and forget about the big picture.

Well I hope that gave you something to think about. Now on with the post. 

Today I had my hair cut. My hair used to be just below my shoulder and now it is a hairline bob. For me, this wasn't much of a change as about year ago I did the same thing. I had my first fringe cut in since I was two but again, it's not that big of a deal. However, having my hair cut made me think about the way hair is represented and how it represents the individual. Especially in being 'feminine' or 'masculine'.

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to something on the radio about the recent spree of women shaving their heads. Personally, I think this is an amazing idea. I hope this will slowly break down the strong idea that women have to have long hair. I heard a few stories about the women who do it too and many do it to have a fresh start, a new beginning. I think this is beautiful. And the courage they show is inspiring. Another reason - a conclusion most people jumped to when they see women with shaved heads - is because of their chemo therapy. I also think this is so inspiring and many women say it is because they want to take back control of their body and image. 

It seems like everything men do with there hair, it ends in them being judged - just like women. Men should not have to look a certain way because of the 'norm'. Just like women, assumptions are made when men have different hair cuts. He's gay. He's a goth. The stereotypes go on and on. But it's getting better (I hope!). The more people that break the boundaries the better. And there's always going to be someone out there that will love you no matter what. We shouldn't be falling in love with people just because of their looks anyway!

Some people do it on a whim, others take months to consider the pros and cons. But whatever the reason, it should never be because so feel pressured to cut your hair. To get something from it I feel like you have to do it for you. Just like every other thing you do for your body. Don't let others define what your hair looks like. Let your hair be your escape and your safety line. And do what YOU want to do with your hair because really, it is your choice!!

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Make sure you remember the message I tried to include in this post. Whatever that may have interpreted itself into for you,x
Love Sophie.xx