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I think God is important. Not everyone does. This post is about my connection with God. It's not to meant be a self centered post - many feel very similar to me. This post is about informing everyone, even those who don't believe in God, about why I (and many others) follow God's teachings.  So I hope this posts helps everyone to understand a bit more about religion as a whole.

In this post I talk more about the Christian faith - specifically protestant. This is because that is the religion I follow. However, this post can relate to any religion. Don't let yourself fell excluded and son't feel like I am pressuring you to follow a religion. This is to inform people.

Why you should follow God - or any religion.
          For me, God is a comfort. Knowing that I can turn to him means that I never feel alone. The bible also helps me because when I'm not sure which way to turn or how to act in a ertain situations, I can consult it. This helps me to feel confident in my actions. Another good thing is, as time passes - whether that be days, weeks, months or even years - . you pick up sins and bad things that weigh you down. When you go to church, you can be lifted of allthis and forgiven. You can start again with a fresh and beautiful innocence.

Some of the downsides...
          There isn't really any down sides! Maybe sometimes you are disappointed with how the world is working and that can test your relationship with God. But, if you have a good relationship with him, nothing bad can come of it.

The struggles.
          With today's modern ways, it becomes very easy to forget God. It can also test our strength in several different ways...

  • Many people don't believe in him which is fine but it's difficult not to conform to the norm. Often, if I want to fit in, I won't admit my faith but I know this is wrong. If people don't respect your beliefs you shouldn't hang with them!!
  • It can be hard to obey God's wishes as many of them have now become 'a bit weird' in society. You should not let this change your belief. Do what you think is right and stand for it. If people are curious, induldge them and answer their questions. That way people will get to understand your religion.
  • People can be very rude about religion and God and often it's not directed at you. It can be really hard to not 'fly off the handle' and start yelling at them. You need to show them peacefully what religion means and if they don't understand, try harder.
So thats it! I hope this helps you to understand religion a bit better. What are your experiences with religion? Comment below - I'd love to here form you guys!! Anyway, till next time.x