New there?

Welcome. *BIG HUGS*
My name is Sophie Stephens. Well not really. I am an anonymous blogger. Here is a bit about me...
  • My birthday is 2nd of September 2003.
  • I love cows, unicorns and elephants.
  • I live in the U.K
  • This is my blog and safe space to express my feelings and navigate through the confusing world of being a teenage. I hope it can be yours too.x
  • If you want to collab with me your welcome - I would love to in fact! My email is
  • If you want to you can follow me on twitter for lots of updates. My twitter is  @freckleandstar
  • I'm trying to set up an agony aunt so if you ever need help, email me using the email above.x
My favourite posts I have written are 'Welcome, This is Me' and 'Beauty'. I would definitely recommend you checking these out. The welcome post is a little out of date because it was created a year ago but the ideas and concepts still apply! Enjoy.xx
I think that's all. Now go and explore my blog. I hope it can help.x

Love Sophie.x